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On the Margin is made up of a team of students dedicated to spurring economic thought in the most unlikely subjects.  Every word, graphic, article, and landing page is hand-crafted by the Team.  Whether you are a writer with a voice, a designer with a new creative spin, or a different breed of editorial manager, you can find your place among the team, while gaining invaluable knowledge along the way.

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Have you ever thought that economics lecture you recently had could be applied to something so much more interesting?  Or, that if explained right, economics is really something that applies to everyone, and not just those that claim to be part of the field?  That's what being a writer for On the Margin is all about!  

Writers are the backbone of On the Margin; without the writers, the designers can't design and the editors... well they just start correcting the way the designers talk–and none of us like that.


  • Firm understanding of economic theory
  • Time to dedicate to researching, drafting, and revising articles
  • Creative ideas that just might make sense!


Do you like infographics?  Do you like graphic design?  What about digital design?  Well, you'd be a great addition to the design team!  No article is complete without visual representations of their data and statistics, and that's where we, designers, come in. We sift through all of the articles and create fun, simple, clean infographics to help readers visualize the article they're reading. 


  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator
  • Time to dedicate to monthly infographics  
  • Creativity!


Surprised the designers write so well?  They may have gotten a bit of help from the editors.  Every article of On the Margin undergoes multiple rounds of revisions with the editors before it hits the press.  We, editors, work with a unique combination of management, attention to detail, peer guidance, and great ideas to help shape and polish the economics newsletter.


  • Attention to detail
  • Time Management
  • Ability to help writers shape their voices
  • Great topic ideas and working well with a variety of writers!
  • Babysitting the Design Team (only kidding)

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